Monday, January 7, 2008


Dripping rain and the beginnings of a fever are keeping me up tonight, although equally to blame is the start of the quarter tomorrow. When I was a kid, my mother used to take me to Guernsey Farms in Novi, Michigan on the night before school started. Probably one of the most difficult things about leaving home and realizing, finally, that you've left home for good is creating your own traditions. Recycling the old, in at least this case, hasn't proven itself. I feel some combination of silly or fat taking myself out for ice cream, and I always forget until 8:59pm or so, anyway, by which time the local (in every way inferior to Guernsey Farms) chain is closed. I think Matt and I might have succeeded in our first Christmas alone this year, if not for the incessant phone calls from people who seemed to think we couldn't possibly be having a good time without them. I suppose every parent is secretly convinced that her child is picking out of garbage bins and dunking the remains of potato peels in peanut butter, but the lengths to which Certain Persons took this little fantasy were specific and bizarre. In reality, we ate prime rib and had a generally lovely time. There was an incident with a smoke detector, because there's always an incident with a smoke detector, but I was thrilled, after months of filling out the same set of test scores on eight different graduate applications, to actually have a conversation with my husband that didn't revolve around what take-out place to use that night or the French spellings in my writing sample.

It's not a fair assessment of the book, which is actually fascinating, but I'm reading an anthropology text called Jane Austen and the Fiction of Culture to soothe the nagging school beast. I finally feel my eyelids descending, though, so maybe I'll try to get back to bed now.

Posted by Shannon Chamberlain @ 3:24 AM