Friday, January 30, 2009

This is relevant to mah interests...

Every society has its verbal tics, secret passwords, and words of belonging. With the beginning of the new semester in graduate school, it's time to prove once again that you know the incantation, the words to Sugar Magnolia, etc. Inevitably this will involve uttering one of two phrases in just about every class, club, or group that renews itself mid-year:

1. "I'm interested in...[the literature of the high Prussian court in 1876, transgressing international borders, beets]."
2. "I work on...[the sherry trade in the mid-Atlantic, genre formation and its significance to pea plants, joining the clean plate club]."

Like many habits of graduate students, I find this one more and more irksome the more I experience it. (It probably belongs on some sort of "Stuff Graduate Students Like" list.) But I've developed a strategy now, and I have high hopes that it will put a nice layer of fiberglass insulation between me and my madness.

I think of the cat. See above.

Posted by Shannon Chamberlain @ 9:12 PM