Monday, February 23, 2009


I saw the most amazing thing today while I was at Doe's circulation desk to pick up The Book of Snobs.

DUMB GIRL: I want to, like, recall this book.
CIRCULATION: Okay. Do you have the call number?
DG: You mean the title?
C: (sigh) No, the numbers that you use to find it?
DG: Oh, no, I don't have those.
C: (sigh) We'll look them up.

--scramble, scramble. DG extracts library card from big yellow purse--
C: Okay, great. You'll get an email when it's ready for pick up.
DG: (visibly harumphs) What do you mean? I need it, like, now.
C: can take up to a week if you recall something.
DG: I don't understand.
C: Uh...
DG: Can't you request it, like electronically?
C: Um, well, I did that, but we give the person up to a week to return the book.
DG: I don't understand. I need it this afternoon. Why can't you get it again?
C: (understanding blooming slowly on her face, like one of those sped up moments in a nature film) Well, you see, this is how the library system works: people check out books, but other people can recall them. But since they might live far away from campus, we give them up to a week to get back to campus and return the book...
DG: I want to, like, talk to the manager.

Posted by Shannon Chamberlain @ 7:41 PM

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hahaha - hilarious! I found your blog through the Pale Fire article you linked on the NABOKOV-L list. I was quite pleased to find your electronic version of the novel! Anyway, hello, and, you are cool.

Posted by Blogger Whistler @ June 10, 2009 8:32 AM #
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